Naaman and Spiritual Practices

There is an unfortunate side of my personality that, when approached with a simple challenge or exasperatingly easy problem, I think to myself, "that's stupid, I'm not doing it." As if when something isn't challenging, it isn't worth my time or effort. When I'm faced with a difficult problem or a complex, interpersonal issue with... Continue Reading →

Influential Moments

When I look out at the world, there are things that I assume to be true. Having a fairly high anthropology, I'm pretty convicted in the general goodness of humanity, but I also lament the fact that this innate goodness is rarely our dominant narrative as a society. When I look out at the world,... Continue Reading →

Failure is Always an Option

A friend of mine from college  speaks around the world on the future of humanity, society, technology, and Christianity; once before he spoke at a TEDx event in the Cayman Islands, he put out a piece of advice that helps him before he gets up to speak to a large crowd: failure is always an... Continue Reading →

Paying Attention to the Holy Chaos

The ways in which rhythms of life ramps up in August are abundant; the hectic, busy nature fills the air. People begin walking a little faster, having less time to linger over a conversation, and to-do lists grow or become more pressing as we prepare for the start of the school year or the program... Continue Reading →

Shared Tables, Shared Stories

Nearly everyday last week, I sat down with other campus ministers who are in a similar positions to mine with another church or denomination; we've shared coffee or tea and a bit about ourselves. The potential for a new friendship and partnership in ministry fills the tables at which we sit and I love these... Continue Reading →

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