Listening to Your Life

Surrounded by coffee, waffles, and the buzzing of Spencer's Coffee, our campus ministry peer minister and I are reading through Parker Palmer's book, Let Your Life Speak, together, and we talk about what struck us in this week's readings. We sat down to for our first book chat and my peer minster highlighted the way in... Continue Reading →

Pray Wholeheartedly

One of my favorite classes in seminary was Readings in Christian Spirituality; it was a class in which we read one text a week from a different notable Christian writer. We started that cold January day all the way in the 3rd century, and worked our way through to the present as winter faded into... Continue Reading →

Sacred Space

One of my biggest tasks when I was working as a chaplain in the hospital was to hold space. The hospital is a place a efficiency; the hospital room is not designed for comfort not for a long term stay. Conversations that happen in a hospital are also efficiency driven, as they should be. When... Continue Reading →

Begin Again

My favorite kind of beginnings are ones that are a return to what I've already done. I love to have a fresh start without having to figure out how to navigate a new system or place; it is the best of both navigating a system you already know, but also getting to start with a... Continue Reading →

Naaman and Spiritual Practices

There is an unfortunate side of my personality that, when approached with a simple challenge or exasperatingly easy problem, I think to myself, "that's stupid, I'm not doing it." As if when something isn't challenging, it isn't worth my time or effort. When I'm faced with a difficult problem or a complex, interpersonal issue with... Continue Reading →

Influential Moments

When I look out at the world, there are things that I assume to be true. Having a fairly high anthropology, I'm pretty convicted in the general goodness of humanity, but I also lament the fact that this innate goodness is rarely our dominant narrative as a society. When I look out at the world,... Continue Reading →

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